Squash News

Please Take Care of our Courts

There have been a few incidents recently where Members and non-Members have been using the Squash Courts for purposes other than for squash. It may on the surface seem a little petty not allowing other activities to take place on a Squash Court, but please read below the two main reasons why we need to ensure that squash is the only activity played on our courts: 

  1. If anything like a large, heavier ball than a Squash/Racketball ball (or something that has a greater pressure than those objects, like a tennis ball) is hit against the walls it can result in breaking the fixings behind the wall. These are paneled walls and that is a scenario that clearly could/would become a serious problem over time. As these fixings cannot be seen, it would be impossible to track the damage and too late to ascertain the cause of the fixing malfunction if the court usage is left unmonitored/checked. Anything such as medicine balls and/or plyometric/physio weighted objects impacting the walls (as well as tennis balls) come under this guideline as NOT acceptable to use.

  2. The court floor is spring-loaded and the batons underneath the floor that bear the load cannot take a sustained pounding of things such as medicine balls, kettle bells (even if on a mat), etc. Spring-loaded court floors are intrinsic to the prevention of lower back, knee, and ankle injuries, and if these floors are not protected, kept in good condition, and well maintained, then not only does it cost thousands of dollars to repair/replace them, it also contributes to player injury—something we want to avoid wherever and whenever possible.

If you witness anyone conflicting with the above guidelines please do let them know and if there are further issues please ensure you get their name and provide it to Pete Goodings so that he may speak to the individual(s) concerned.
Please be aware that it is everyone’s responsibility to bring any of these issues to Pete’s attention so he can act in the best interests of the Club and its Members. Many thanks in advance for your ongoing support and co-operation regarding this matter.

RGC Squash Dress-Up Fun event – Sunday, December 17 - 1-4pm

Please block out your diaries, folks—the annual Fun "Dress-Up" event (open to Juniors and Adults alike) takes place on Sunday, December 17 from 1-4pm! It's free to enter and there are snacks provided during the event. As well, there are prizes on the day for winners and best dressed, etc! To enter, please simply email Pete at pete.goodings@royalglenora.com.

RGC Squash Club Championships 2017/18

The Squash Committee recently voted to hold the RGC Squash Club Champs (Singles) from January 5-7, 2018. Please check notice boards for poster and entry forms (and also see attached entry form). Entry fee is only $10 per person and the deadline for entries is 9pm on Tuesday, January 2, 2018.
It was also voted that the Doubles Squash Club Champs will be held at the end of the season, date TBC, so watch this space. 


If you would like to contact the Squash Committee, please email squashcommittee@royalglenora.com. All emails are confidential and are directed to the Committee Chair.
For any questions, comments, or concerns regarding news from Squash, please contact Pete at pete.goodings@royalglenora.com