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Summer Schedule

Please visit the Recreation Schedules page of our website to view the complete schedules. 

Fitness Meet & Greet

On June 26 from 12-1230pm and 530-6pm, the Fitness Department is hosting meet and greet sessions with our Personal Trainers! Do you have questions about personal training, or our group classes? We are here help you achieve your fitness goals. Small snacks will be offered as well as free fitness advice.

RGC Zumba

Zumba classes are back for the summer! On Thursdays from 530-630pm, gather friends for an intense, but fun full body workout paired with upbeat music. For more information contact Leanna Carriere at

Fitness Across the Country!

Summer is here! Have you been walking, running, cycling, using the elliptical, or rowing? Log your distance and time on the Fitness Centre whiteboard as we travel across Canada. For more information, please contact Leanna Carriere at

Calling All Triathletes!

Are you doing a triathlon this year? If so, which one? Leanna is organizing Triathlete Member meet and greets so we can build a community and run bike and swim together! Contact to find out more.

Fit Card and Registered Programs

All registered programs are now available to Members for only one punch off of your Fit Card!

Personal Trainer

Need that extra bit of motivation to get out and get active? What better way to start your new fitness journey than with one of our personal trainers! Contact for more information.

Registered Dietician

What can a nutrition consultation do for you? Following a personalized meal plan, individuals notice an improvement in their energy levels, reduction in their cravings, and improvements in their training stamina within two weeks. Your energy level is critical for enjoying everyday living.
A consultation is based on your needs: health, activity, and goals. A session addresses your energy levels, cravings, and other specific concerns or questions you may have. You will receive an individualized nutrition program developed with you to help reach your goals. Practical information, strategies, and tools are provided to help you make powerful nutrition choices.
Contact for more information.


For any questions, comments, or concerns regarding news from Fitness, please contact Leanna at