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Pooches in the Pool is Back!

Taking place on August 26 in conjunction with both our annual Pool cleaning and International Dog Day, this super fun event is open to all Members and their furry companions. Registration is open at

Back to School Kickoff

No one wants to say goodbye to summer so we’ve decided to host a party to make the transition just a bit easier. Join us on September 7 for a three-part Back to School Kick-Off! The night will include a Playground and Bouncy Castle party for the little ones, followed by dinner and a movie. For more information and to register, please contact Member Services.

Parking Lot Update - Member Tag Enforcement

Due to the increased frequency of non-Members and non-Member guests parking on private RGC property, effective August 1, 2018 we will be leaving notices on all vehicles that are not displaying an RGC parking pass (i.e. unauthorized vehicles) and reserve the right to have them ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense for repeat offenders. If you do not have a Member parking pass, please see Member Services as soon as possible.

Busy Club and Parking Lot Times

On the following dates and times, we will have banquet events contributing to a busier than normal parking lot:

  • Saturday, August 18 – 1pm-1am

  • Friday, August 24 – 5pm-1am